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Sweet Little Belgium is run by Emilie Wildiers and Hanne Machiels, 2 enthusiastic young ladies with a penchant for the beautiful and tasty things in life.

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Sweet Little Belgium bvba

Address: Kruineikestraat 123, 3150 Tildonk (Haacht)

TVA-number: BE0676 788 893

Account number: BE08 3630 6378 4513

Phone numbers:
Emilie: +32 (0) 497 38 53 24
Hanne: +32 (0) 494 41 99 08

E-mail: hello@bettyandalbert.com

Your attention please:

We don’t keep giftboxes and giftbaskets on stock. Order your gift always in advance via mail or phone! Then we make sure they are ready for you and we also arrange a pick-up time.

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